Splurge of the Month: The Wine Refrigerators I’m Thinking of Buying

Sunday , 15, January 2017 Comments Off on Splurge of the Month: The Wine Refrigerators I’m Thinking of Buying

It seems that everyone’s drinking more wine these days.  With some archeological studies indicating that wine’s been around since about 5,000 BC, it’s definitely shown that it’s got some serious staying power.  With more and more quality wines available at “real people” prices and countless online tutorials and wine-tasting clubs and events springing up everywhere, it’s easier than ever to become a wine enthusiast or full-blown aficionado.  Part of being a wine expert, however serious or casual, is understanding that different wines need to be stored and served at different temperatures to be at their best.  Even if your wine-knowledge ambitions don’t extend beyond finding your own personal favorites, storing your bottles properly is the best way to ensure maximum enjoyment.  Finding the right wine fridge to suit your personality and budget is easier if you know a bit more about what to look for before you start shopping.

Depending on which experts you listen to, wine should be stored anywhere from 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, with most agreeing that 55 is just about perfect.  This is true for all wines, regardless of color and other factors.  Serving temperature is another story.  Typically, you’ll want to serve heavier reds between 62 and 68, while lighter whites are better off being served between 50 and 55.  Finding a dual-compartment wine refrigerator might not be necessary for proper storage of your reds and whites, but can be helpful for allowing you to bring tonight’s bottle of red up to an ideal temperature before you open it.  Having a second compartment with its own thermostat can also allow you to store other beverages for your or your guests.  This can save space in your regular fridge or just keep beverages handier (or keep guests from having to see the inside of your fridge!).  Visit this page for top selling coolers that are great for keeping your favorite beverages chilled, including wine, beer, and soda.


One advantage of having a wine fridge is that they’re typically designed to allow you to store wine bottles on their sides as opposed to upright.  If you don’t generally keep bottles for months at a time, this feature is mostly a space saver.  If you do find yourself needing to store bottles for long periods of time, storing them on their sides can help keep the cork from drying out and becoming a problem when you are ready to open the bottle.


Since most wines don’t do well with extreme temperature swings or prolonged exposure to light, having a dedicated wine refrigerator can be a great way to keep the temperature steady and light exposure to a minimum.  Our regular fridges are subject to more temp changes and light exposure by being opened and closed frequently.  LED lighting is a great optional feature in many wine fridges since it provides enough light to read your labels without causing any damage.  Some wine fridges also include a filter to help keep your bottles safe from kitchen odors.  Check out The Cooler List for reviews that include pros and cons of some of the best 6, 12, and 18 bottle wine fridges.  This list includes some dual-compartment and countertop models.

When it comes to the size of your wine fridge, there are models available to fit pretty much any space.  You can find countertop models, “skinny” models, and models that range from dorm-fridge size all the way to regular fridge size.  You can even find models designed to be built into your kitchen.  If you decide you’d like a built-in version, make sure you find one that’s designed for this or at least doesn’t require rear ventilation.


If you do lots of entertaining (especially outdoors), camping, or tailgating, you might also want to think about a portable ice maker.  Being able to produce enough ice for your next gathering or outing can make having to remember to buy ice or worrying about not buying enough a thing of the past.  If you’re considering an easily portable or countertop ice maker model, visit portable ice maker reviews online for additional buying info as well as some top picks.